Create Portfolio by Uploading Patent List

A portfolio is a stored group of patents. You can save your search results or upload a list of patent. Once a portfolio is created you can view analytics, create a deal room or offers.


How to upload patents to create a portfolio

  1. You must login to the system

  2. Click Manage Portfolio drop down and select Create Portfolio

3. Select option 2: upload patent list

4. Enter the name of the portfolio

5. Upload an excel document. Only 1500 patents per document

6. Next, you will be redirected to new page thanking you for submitting your patent list. Click on the link Got it. Go to My Portfolios.

7. Once your portfolio has finished processing the status will change to Done. Then click on the portfolio name to view the portfolio.

  • In the column Creation Type you will see a document. Click on this document and an excel spreadsheet will open displaying the patents that were successfully uploaded and will display “No Match” for any patent(s) the system was not able to match.